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Reiki Therapy
Welcome to the website of Healing From Within and Barbara Engelhardt- a Certified Reiki Master.

Services offered include Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Ionic Foot Detox and Ear Candling.

Reiki- Sessions approx. 1 hr. $50

Pronounced "Ray-Key"
Reiki is a balancing of the body's energy that promotes relaxation and well being. Reiki works through clothing, bandages and casts and is given by lightly touching the body in appropriate places or holding the hands slightly above the body.
Reiki may accelerate physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Any healing that may take place is between the recipient and their higher power. The practitioner is only a channel for the energy.
Reiki is used as a support for conventional medical care, not as a replacement for it.
Your Reiki practitioner does not prescribe medical treatments of any kind. Continue to see all of your regular caregivers and Doctors. Follow their prescribed regimens while having Reiki.

Chakra Balancing- Sessions are approx.1/2 hr. $25

Chakras are energy centers within the body. During my sessions I use Reiki, gemstones/crystals placed on/near the 7 main chakras and music that is composed of specific chakra balancing frequencies.

Ionic Foot Detox- Sessions are approx.1/2 hr. $40

The principle of the Ionic Foot Bath Cleansing System is to use painless, non-invasive micro current to open up pathways and facilitate the movement of ions in and out of the cells to restore balance.
The Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is a high-tech water detoxification system that facilitates the body's ability to heal itself. This cleansing process attains the correct frequency required to restore cells to a healthier state, while releasing the buildup of toxins in our systems. Symptoms of aging and degenerative diseases are often caused when the cells are not getting proper hydration and lose their ability to eliminate waste properly. Over time, the body becomes more toxic and unable to transfer vital nutrients needed for cell repair or healthy replication.
The ions in this process are able to enter through the 4,000 pores of the feet, allowing the lymphatic and circulatory systems to transport the ions throughout the body, energizing and stimulating the immune system, skin and organs, allowing them to function properly.
Studies show the Cleanse Machine improves oxygen and creates a biological response more effective than a walk on the beach, where your body absorbs millions of needed negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue and elevates your energy, vitality, mental attitude and well being.

Ear Candling- Sessions approx. 1/2 hr. $30 or $20 with another service.

Ear candling is a safe, natural and effective method of wax removal, originating centuries ago in Egypt.
For several nights prior to having ear candling, it is beneficial to use 2-3 drops of a softening solution. Choose an ear oil with ingredients you are sure you are not allergic to.
Ear candling is not used to replace regular exams by your Physician or Audiologist.
If you are currently experiencing ear pain or bloody discharge, it is recommended you seek the care of a qualified Medical Professional.

In health,

Barbara Engelhardt C.R.M.

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